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Rockefeller Funds

Rockefeller Asset Management offers equity strategies that seek outperformance over multiple market cycles, driven by a disciplined investment process and a highly collaborative team culture.

Equity Strategies

In managing equities, we utilize a global approach looking for attractive ideas irrespective of geography. We apply a rigorous, bottom-up security analysis that includes fundamental, sector-based research in seeking to identify businesses that have high or improving returns on capital, barriers to competition and compelling valuations.

Rockefeller Climate Solutions Fund (RKCIX)

Objective: The Fund seeks long-term growth of capital

The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing at least 80% of its net assets in equity securities of companies offering climate change mitigation or adaptation products and services.

Investments involve risk. Principal loss is possible. An investment in a Rockefeller Mutual Fund is subject to the following risks: general market risk; management risk; and other investment company and exchange-traded funds risk. The Fund invests in foreign securities which involve greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods. These risks are greater in emerging markets. Investing in commodities may subject the Fund to greater risks and volatility as commodity prices may be influenced by a variety of factors including unfavorable weather, environmental factors, and changes in government regulations. MLPs are subject to certain risks inherent in the structure of MLPs, including complex tax structure risks, the limited ability for election or removal of management, limited voting rights, potential dependence on parent companies or sponsors for revenues to satisfy obligations, and potential conflicts of interest between partners, members and affiliates. REITs are subject to adverse changes in general economic and local market conditions, supply or demand for similar or competing properties, taxes, governmental regulations or interest rates, as well as the risks associated with improving and operating property, may decrease the value of REITs in which the Fund may invest.

The fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The summary and statutory prospectus contains this and other important information about the investment company, and may be obtained by calling 1.855.460.2838, or visiting Read it carefully before investing.

The Rockefeller Climate Solutions Fund’s focus on environmental criteria limits the number of investment opportunities available to the Fund as compared to other mutual funds with broader investment objectives, and as a result, the Fund may underperform funds that are not subject to similar investment considerations. Portfolio companies may be significantly affected by environmental considerations, taxation, government regulation (including the increased cost of compliance), inflation, increases in interest rates, price and supply fluctuations, increases in the cost of raw materials and other operating costs, technological advances, and competition from new market entrants. In addition, companies may share common characteristics and be subject to similar business risks and regulatory burdens. A downturn in the demand for climate change mitigation and adaptation products and services is likely to have a significant negative impact on the value of the Fund’s investments. As a result of these and other factors, the Fund’s portfolio investments are expected to be more volatile than other funds with a less restrictive mandate, which may result in significant investment losses to the Fund.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The Fund is offered only to United States residents, and information on this site is intended only for such persons. Nothing on this web site should be considered a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell shares of the Fund in any jurisdiction where the offer or solicitation would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

The Rockefeller mutual funds are distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC.

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